Ghost Rider is a Marvel Comics superhero created by Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, and Mike Ploog, and first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5 in 1972, known for his supernatural powers and his flaming skull head.

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All about Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a superhero character from Marvel Comics. The character is a human named Johnny Blaze, who sold his soul to the devil to save his father's life. As a result, he gained supernatural powers and became the Ghost Rider. He rides a motorcycle made of hellfire and uses a chain as a weapon. Ghost Rider's powers include the ability to create and manipulate fire, the ability to sense evil, and the ability to teleport. When he is in the presence of evil, his head becomes a flaming skull, and he rides a motorcycle that is also on fire. He is a fearsome and powerful hero who fights to protect the innocent and punish the wicked. He is a cool and tough hero who is always ready to save the day with his fiery powers.

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