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Experience the Extraordinary: Where Reality and Imagination Meet with Extended Reality.

We are a young group of people, specializing in our own technical and management domains, differentiated by our experiences, perspectives and working styles but united by one common passion and goal - TO LEARN AND GROW BIG AS A GROUP , ALL TOGETHER. We are working hard towards this goal with passion through EDODWAJA - The Real Education. Edodwaja provides students with opportunities and resources to understand, learn and further build technology. We make empirical learning accessible to students for better learning experiences , we guide them through the entire learning and understanding process, which will help our team in turn in learning better, as teaching is one of the best ways to keep learning. EDODWAJA IS HERE FOR YOUR GROWTH HENCEFORTH!

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Patlola Sridhar

Web Developer


Akula Vivek Kumar

Web Developer


Paladi Uday Kiran

Web Developer


Kirthi Kalikar

Web Developer

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